Crescent City Books – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans’s Crescent City Books specializes in vintage, rare, and out-of-print books, plus antique prints and maps from around the world. The shop opened in 1992 and moved to its current location, across from the famous Roosevelt Hotel, in 2010.

With section titles such as “Creative Non-fiction” and “Esoteric,” the shop’s inventory is vast, varied, and nicely organized throughout the large shop. Book-themed quotes are hanging throughout, as is a variety of beautiful artwork and prints. Near the back is a large staging area to host author readings and events. A glass case near the front of the shop contains the store’s more valuable tomes, and a shelf by the register features gorgeous leather-bounds. 

“We have more than 30,000 books, many dating back as early as the last half-century,” Manager Jason Moore told WhereYaAt.com last year. “We also have a large selection of surrealism, including literature and poetry from around the world.  Additionally, Crescent City Books is famous for our cat Isabella, who has been featured in books and on Reuters and is the cover model for our store calendar.”

I do love a good bookstore cat, but Isabella unfortunately eluded me during my visit.

The sign outside the shop beckons customers with a guarantee of “Good books and prints from the last 500 years,” and that’s exactly what you’ll find inside Crescent City Books.

Crescent City Books is located at 124 Baronne Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.

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