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Dollar Book Swap – Dayton, Ohio

Off Interstate 75 in Dayton, Ohio, through the back entrance of a large, unassuming warehouse building, sits a treasure trove of used books all at the low price of $1.25 each. The Dollar Book Swap, which opened in 2015, stocks hundreds of thousands of books, spanning the genres from classics to children’s – not to mention DVDs, t-shirts and other items.

To reach the massive sales floor, you’ll first have to drive around to the back of the building, park in the gravel lot, and make your way through the active sorting and assembly line area. Once you reach the neon, social-media-ready “This is my happy place!” sign, you’ll know you’ve arrived.

And a happy place it is indeed. The inventory is sorted and shelved by clearly labeled sections. And with a few exceptions, like leather-bound classics at $10, lower-priced mass market paperbacks, or some Stephen King hardbacks at $8, everything is indeed $1.25.

Before visiting, I did a little research into the shopping process. While there are shopping carts and baskets available, and the staff has boxes and bags at the register, many users suggested bringing along your own stash of bags and boxes for large hauls. We brought along a couple large reusable tote bags but still needed a couple of the store’s boxes to get everything from our two shopping carts to the car.

Dollar Book Swap is the kind of place to get lost in. Come when you have some comfortable shoes and plenty of time to browse. Bring along a list of titles you’re searching for, while also being open to the hunt.

Dollar Book Swap is located at 1723 Webster St, Dayton, OH. Open Monday through Saturday.

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