North Carolina

Foggy Pine Books – Boone, North Carolina

“A book is not only a friend, it makes friends for you. When you have possessed a book with mind and spirit, you are enriched. But when you pass it on you are enriched threefold.”

This Henry Miller quote is listed in the Who We Are section of the Foggy Pine Books website. The Boone, North Carolina, shop is a warm, inviting, eclectic space boasting a carefully curated selection of books and gifts for readers of all kinds. 

The shop opened in its original location in 2016, when owner/operator Mary Ruthless took over the former Black Bear Books from its owner, Karen Hall Walker. In early 2018, Foggy Pine moved to its current, larger location and has been growing ever since. 

When visiting in late June, I was pleasantly surprised to see the shop still taking its COVID-19 precautions quite seriously. Masks were still required, a limited number of shoppers were allowed inside at a time, and an employee kept a sign-in sheet at the entrance. I was visiting while on my first road trip since the pandemic, and it was the only shop I entered that was still taking any precautions at all.

Once through the check-in procedure, I found an excellent selection of books and merchandise that was well organized and thoughtfully displayed. Being Pride Month, a great selection of LBGTQ books adorned a shelf. And there were seating areas peppered around the shop (and outside) for sitting and relaxing with a read.

The shop also boasts a variety of programs and events, such as book clubs, loyalty programs, and subscription boxes. In a great example of its community-minded spirit, Foggy Pine operates a Free Books for Boone initiative that provides free books for readers regardless of their ability to pay.

A relaxed vibe, friendly staff, great selection of books, attention to detail with COVID-19 precautions, and a convenient location in bustling downtown Boone made Foggy Pine Books a fun and satisfying stop. 

Foggy Pine Books is located at 471 W. King Street, Boone, North Carolina. The shop is open Monday through Saturday.

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