Rainy Day Books – Fairway, Kansas

While my previous post highlighted one of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area’s used bookshops, my next stop on the bookstore crawl took me to one of the region’s best shops specializing in new inventory. Rainy Day Books in Fairway, Kansas, prides itself on promoting a Legacy of Literacy since it was founded by Vivien Jennings in 1975, making it the oldest indie bookstore in the KC Metropolitan Area. 

When I visited, I was greeted right away by a friendly and helpful employee who gave me a quick overview of the shop’s tasteful and creatively designed layout. As you might expect from a store carrying new inventory, there’s a wealth of fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, mysteries, and the like – from top new releases to displays themed toward current events. I visited during June, so books celebrating Pride were front and center. 

According to the shop’s website, Rainy Day books anchors the same shopping center where it started in 450 square feet and now serves third-generation customers as a “gathering place, a wellspring for ideas and creative thought, and an ongoing voice for literacy and awareness. The shop has been featured in several high-profile outlets and boasts an active calendar of author events and a Loyal Customer Program that keeps customers returning. 

While my visit was brief, I found a beautifully laid out and well-stocked shop with friendly and knowledgeable staff members located in a lovely area of town. Really, what more could you ask for?

Rainy Day Books is located at 2706 W. 53rd Street, Fairway, Kansas. Open Monday through Saturday. 

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