Robie Books – Berea, Kentucky

Tucked into the small college town of Berea, Kentucky, is a jewel of an independent bookstore called Robie Books, a lovely shop selling new and used titles for nearly twenty years. 

The shop opened its doors in 2002 as Robie and Robie: Fine Books. Owners Harry and Laura Robie opened the shop because of a love of both books and their Berea community, which at the time lacked an indie bookshop. Having retired from his job at nearby Berea College, Harry had begun collecting books and had such a vast inventory that opening a shop seemed the only logical conclusion – and the only way to maintain domestic peace.

In 2009, Harry and Laura sold the shop to two employees, who changed the name to its current moniker, Robie Books. A few years later, one of the new owners moved on; the shop is currently managed by Avena Cash and her husband, Joe. 

Robie Books offers a solid mix of used, remainder, and new books and buys used titles from customers to keep stock fresh. The inventory is vast and varied, filling the shop’s multiple rooms with a plentiful selection sold at competitive prices. Every book I picked up was being sold at a rather affordable price point. Come armed with a list of wanted titles and stock up!

Check out this 2017 interview with Avena from for a little more about this wonderful shop and town.

Robie Books is located at 307 Chestnut Street, Berea, Kentucky. Open Tuesday through Sunday.

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