The Company of Books – Alexandria, Virginia

One of the D.C. area’s newest offerings is The Company of Books in Alexandria, an impressively stocked used shop that opened its doors in 2020 and operates as a non-profit organization, relying on a couple of paid staff members and dedicated volunteers for its day-to-day operations. 

The store was founded by Donald Alexander, the former owner of Book Bank, in an attempt to create a neighborhood space for literature. When first deciding to open the shop, Alexander put out a call on social media in search of book donations. Within a month, he had 5,000 titles.

And it’s grown exponentially since then. The shop is laid out with tall shelves of well-organized titles, from contemporary fiction to classics to a large children’s section, and any other genre you might imagine. 

The vibe is that of a quintessential used book shop – the kind of place to roam and wander for a while, interact with friendly booksellers, and discover a new book you’ve never heard of. If you enjoy being in the company of books, step away from the usual D.C. tourist spots and head to the Del Ray neighborhood to check out The Company of Books on your next visit. 

The Company of Books is located at 1712 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia, 22301. Open daily.

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