Unique Books – Lexington, Kentucky

Located in Lexington, Kentucky’s Woodland Triangle, just around the corner from Black Swan Books for you bookstore crawlers, is Unique Books, which features a large collection of used titles, as well as plenty of regional works.

The shop was opened in the early 2000s by Kathy and Tom Rather. As its namesake implies, the origin of Unique Books is itself rather unique.

“It all started because I was irritated with my kids,” Kathy told Smiley Pete Publishing in 2012. “They were voracious readers, and they had filled so many boxes with books that I threatened to open a bookstore to sell them all … and I did.”

The shop opened in a 600-square-foot space across town before customer desires led to expansion and a move. Shoppers will find impressive collections of vintage paperbacks, art books, sci-fi and fantasy, classics, architecture books, vintage mysteries, and more in the sizable space.

Unique Books is located at 227 Woodland Avenue, Lexington, Kentucky. Open daily.

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