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I’ve been exploring indie bookstores for years, sharing my adventures here on the blog and social media. One thing I’ve heard time after time is that bookstores are magical places. But what does that mean? At one time their demise was predicted, but now book sales are rising and new stores are popping up all over.  So what is it about these shops that people find so intriguing? Join me as I go behind the shelves and talk to booksellers from across the country to get the story behind their shops and try to find out what makes indie bookstores so magical. 

Episode 1: Conquest Books – Ashland, Kentucky On this episode, Matt heads to the Bluegrass State of Kentucky to visit a new shop, Conquest Books. Owner Talmadge Callihan talks about the magic of community bookstores and what it’s like sharing space with a trendy art gallery and coffee shop.

Episode 2: Rose City Book Pub – Portland Oregon On this episode, we head to Portland, Oregon, where we’ll talk to Elise Schumock, the owner of one of the coolest book bars around: Rose City Book Pub.

Episode 3: Booktenders – Barboursville, West Virginia On this episode, we visit Booktenders in Barboursville, West Virginia, a brand new book bar owned and operated by two bartenders turned booksellers.  

Episode 4: The Bookshop of Beverly Farms – Beverly, Massachusetts On this episode, we talk to Hannah Harlow and Sam Pfeifle – siblings, avid readers, and co-owners of the Bookshop of Beverly Farms – about taking over a well-established indie shop and hosting their own book podcast.

Episode 5: Magpie Bookshop – Catskill, New York On this episode, we talk to Kristi Gibson, owner of Magpie Bookshop in Catskill, New York, about running a bookstore specializing in used and “nearly new” books.

Episode 6: Bagatelle Books – Asheville, North Carolina On this episode, we visit with Patrick Kutcher, owner of Bagatelle Books, a fantastic used bookshop in Asheville, North Carolina.

Episode 7: Liberty Book Shop – Avis, Pennsylvania Have you ever wanted to spend the night in a bookstore? Linda Roller’s Liberty Book Shop in Avis, Pennsylvania, is a bookshop Airbnb that provides guests 24-hour access to the store!

Episode 8: Blue Willow Bookshop – Houston, Texas This week, we visit with Valerie Koehler, owner of Blue Willow Bookshop in Houston, Texas, who discusses the changes she’s seen in the bookstore business since taking over the shop in the mid-90s.